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Dinner music

With a kiss by Tuto.
(Photo by Luis. or Alisa. ;))

Rand and I put a lot of time and thought into selecting the songs for our dinner playlist. We wanted music that we felt reflected us, and I think we were successful!

I remember, at one point during dinner, saying, “I don’t know if anyone else notices or cares, but I love this playlist.” 😉 We talked about making a CD as a favor, but we just ran out of time!

Here is said playlist:

Dinner music by you.

The CD also would have included our first dance song, “That, For Me, Is You” by Jim Boggia. (I had previously posted a youtube video of the song, but it’s since been removed. Wah.)

Additionally, it was very difficult to decide which slow songs to use for actual slow dancing. We tried to keep things which would have given us an odd dance beat to the dinner list! Here are the other slow songs that we selected for dancing:

All You Need Is Love (The Beatles) <—this was our parents dance
Follow You, Follow Me (Genesis)
In My Life (The Beatles)
God Only Knows (The Beach Boys)
Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley)
I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie)
Something (the Beatles)
You’re My Home (Billy Joel)

Yes, it’s pretty heavy on The Beatles! 😉

I know we heard from at least a few people that the music selections were appreciated, which made us very happy. If anyone (guest or not!) would like a CD, let us know, and we’ll send you one!

First Dance by Inkygirl.
(our first dance…photo by Debbie)

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Song lyrics

Here are the lyrics to the song that Greg Klyma wrote for us (which, by the way, I still haven’t found. I had to email Greg and ask him to send them to me, which he did…):

Once upon modern times
Rand and Erin met online
Love at first site was depending
On love induced by email sending
The fruit of keyboard love was ripe
Turned out he was just her type

Rand is the librarian
At the college Erin did attend
They did not meet there and then
Today they are the best of friends
It must be fate that they would marry
She never went to the library

Call it luck
Call it love
Call it anything good you can think of

Call it quick
Don’t let it get away
Call it Rand and Erin’s Wedding Day

Buffalo Brew Pub, drinks and darts
Real world, real time romance starts
Rand stole Erin’s heart away
His nerdy brain on full display
He’s silly, reads books, loves food, gives hugs
There’s more… you can read it in Erin’s blog

Call it luck
Call it love
Call it anything good you can think of

Call it quick
Don’t let it get away
Call it Rand and Erin’s Wedding Day

He bought her favorite ring, but she didn’t know
When to the jewelry store did Erin-go-
Brah! the ring she loved was sold
Poor Erin could not be consoled
But Erin’s heart got quite the lift
When she opened up her birthday gift and Rand proposed

Call it luck
Call it love
Call it anything good you can think of

Call it quick
Don’t let it get away
Call it Rand and Erin’s Wedding Day

Call it luck
Call it love
Call it anything good you can think of

Call it quick
Don’t let it get away
Call it Rand and Erin’s Wedding Day

Once upon modern times
Rand and Erin met online

Processional/Recessional music

So, I talked to our friend Ron, who said he is up for learning something for the processional. I spent way too long at the iTunes store searching for instrumental versions of Beatles songs.

I agree with Eden that “Here, There and Everywhere” is lovely. Rand doesn’t seem so excited about it. I think it’s because it’s a Paul song. 😉

But here are some other ones that I also like:

Across the Universe
If I Fell
In My Life

I wish I could embed the audio files, but I can’t…

Anyone have any opinions?

As far as the recessional goes, I was tipped off to the Vitamin String Quartet by a poster on another wedding community I belong to (and mainly lurk at). Here are some things I think I might like:

You’re My Best Friend
God Only Knows
All You Need Is Love (although I think we’re using that for our parents’ dance)
Maybe I’m Amazed

And I guess I’m done for now…let me know what you think! 🙂

Wedding music

We have a friend who will be providing acoustic guitar pre-ceremony music as well as accompanying my dad, who will be singing during the ceremony.

I’m trusting Ron to play anything he likes, except that I would like to choose something unique for him to play as I “walk down the aisle” as it were. Of course, we’re getting into a wee bit of a time crunch, so I may end up asking him to show me what he knows and choose something, or go with a recording for my processional.

Also, I haven’t decided what I would like to use for a recessional. This will definitely be a recording, as I don’t think an acoustic guitar will quite have the fanfare I want.

Rand has no opinion about either of these things. Absolutely zero.

Anyone have any suggestions for me? 🙂

80 Days

According to my little counter widget, I have 80 days until the wedding. That’s…wow, not a lot of time!

I’m still working on my physical paper invitations. Thank goodness I’m not doing these for everyone–I’d lose my mind! As it is, I’d been struggling with getting the reply cards to print straight. I solved that problem, but now I’m afraid I’m not going to have enough! (The paper invites are mainly for older relatives who are not technologically inclined or do not have email…)

Hmmm…what else is on my mind these days? Well, I’m going to be having two showers, and those are coming up soon. Rand’s aunts on his dad’s side are throwing us a couples shower here in Buffalo, and that’s going to be the second week of May. And just last week, a friend of my mom’s said she wanted to have a shower for me. That’s going to be Memorial Day weekend. I’m a little bit worried that we haven’t registered for enough items…there’s not a whole lot of stuff we *need*. Of course, it’s always nice to have new things. We are not registering for fine china (just some everyday dishes), silver, or crystal. Just not our thing. I don’t care enough to ask anyone to spend that kind of money, and I *really* don’t care enough to purchase pieces that we don’t get for the wedding. No China.

We have a friend who sells Pampered Chef, so we have a registry there (I think I need to show some love to that one…). We also registered at Amazon. I started that registry, but I very quickly realized that every single thing I was putting on it was from Bed Bath & Beyond. So I deleted it and started a registry at BB&B. I put some things on it online, and last weekend, Rand and I went to the store to add things like towels and sheets and other random items.

In the midst of all this madness, Rand and I are buying a town house. We close mid-May, so I’ve been trying to determine what we’re going to need for the new place. It’s so hard to do without being IN the new place! Gah.

I still haven’t found anything for my hair. I also don’t know what I’m going to do about makeup. I wear very, very little makeup on a daily basis, and Rand very specifically *likes* me without makeup. However, I know that I will look like crap in the photos if I don’t step it up a bit. I don’t know if I want to pay someone to do my makeup, but I’m thinking of asking my friend who used to sell Mary Kay for her help.

Everything big is done (well, except for paying for it!), but there are all of these little things that need to be taken care of. I’m so afraid I’m going to forget about something!

Rand and I still need to work on our music playlists and nail down the ceremony. We have time, I know, but not that much, and things are about to get really hectic! What do you do to keep from panicking? 😀

First dance song

I’ve talked about our song, and I’ve even posted the lyrics, but here’s a video of the song on YouTube for anyone who’s interested!

Keep sharing the music!

I’m enjoying the responses so far. Please keep sharing!

Rand and I have started compiling lists of both slow songs and upbeat songs. I know my taste, but I also know that I want *everyone* to have a good time!

Here are some of my “must haves” for dance music:

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It–Will Smith
Jump Around–House of Pain
Brown-Eyed Girl–Van Morrisson
Baby Got Back–Sir Mix-a-Lot (it’s a college thing)
YMCA–(probably on a lot of people’s no-play lists, but it’s also a college thing!)
Without Me–Eminem. I cannot explain my love for this song. I’ve already downloaded the clean version, because dude, it’s totally inappropriate
Land of 1000 Dances–Wilson Pickett
It Takes Two–MC Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock
Bust a Move–Young MC
Something by KC and the Sunshine Band…but I haven’t quite made up my mind which.
Something by ABBA (ditto)
Molly–Jackdaw (it’s a Buffalo thing)
Brick House–The Commodores
Something by Kool and the Gang other than Celebration. Maybe Jungle Boogie. Or Get Down on It.
Something by Bon Jovi…Bad Medicine, maybe.

Complete list, no…but you get the idea. I’m concerned about not having enough *older* music and *newer* music. I can see my list being sort of 70s and 80s heavy.