Dave Huth, videographer

Dave has the greatest smile by Inkygirl.
(photo by Debbie)

Dave Huth is another one of Rand’s friends from way back, and he is one of the world’s sweetest people. Dave has an incredible talent for visual media, especially video and editing, so we asked him to be our videographer.

He enthusiastically agreed, and even brought along a friend to assist.

I’ve seen some of his work, so I know the finished product he gives us is going to be incredible!

Dave Huth and Rand by Inkygirl.
(photo by Debbie)

Dave won the drawing to be one of our witnesses, and he was SO excited. It was very cute!

Erin & Rand - Reception 093 by Korak.
(photo by Walter)

Here we are with Dave and my friend Holly, our other witness.

In some ways, Dave is the person who took on the biggest job…it’ll take a lot of hours to edit down that raw footage into a great finished product, but Dave doesn’t seem to mind!

Dave, we love you and appreciate all your hard work. 🙂

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