Thomas, the DJ/emcee

Thomas by Inkygirl.
(Photo by Debbie)

Thomas Woods has been friends with Rand for a very long time. Thomas was also one of the first friends I met when Rand and I started dating–he and his wife invited us over for a barbecue at their place.

When Rand and I discussed doing the iTunes wedding, we knew we’d need someone to act as emcee for the evening if we were going to pull it off. Rand’s first thought was Thomas.

Thomas agreed to take on this role for us, and we are SO grateful. He made sure the music ran smoothly, and he made all the announcements we needed him to make. He even brought his own laptop (supplied with music by us) so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Anyone looking to have an “iPod wedding,” this is the way to do it! We were lucky in that we didn’t have to deal with renting or obtaining sound equipment, as Rand’s band took care of that! The only problem we had with sound had to do with the layout of the room–dancing and dinner were in two separate areas, and as such, it was sometimes difficult for people in the seating area to hear announcements. Overall, though, I have zero complaints about the music.

Erin & Rand - Reception 087 by Korak.
(Photo by Walter)

In the above photo, Thomas prepares to make the announcement about our marriage license signing.

Thomas also helped to coordinate the karaoke (more on the karaoke later!).

And finally, Thomas also helped us with our wedding invitation website. The majority of our family and friends did not receive a paper invitation…they got an email directing them to our wedding website. Thomas worked with me to post all kinds of useful information on the page, and he created an RSVP form for our guests to fill out. This method saved a lot of time and money, as well as trees!

We greatly appreciate everything Thomas did to help us out. Thanks, Thomas! 🙂

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