Allthingsjennifer–the wedding hostess with the mostess!

Erin and Jen by Inkygirl.

Since we dispensed with the idea of a traditional wedding party, I asked Jen to be my “wedding hostess.” The way I envisioned it, this mostly involved things like making sure nothing exploded on the day of the wedding. 😉

Seriously, though…I thought it was a great way to put Jen’s people skills to work. We had a lot of groups of people coming in who didn’t know each other, and Jen knew (or made it a point to know) a pretty good cross-section of these people. She knew who all of our “helpers” were. She’d be the person to direct questions to, so that no one was running to me 5 minutes before the ceremony to ask me something.

As far as I can tell, this worked out fairly well!

Jen checks Erin's dress by Inkygirl.

Jen was in the suite while I was getting ready. In the photo above (also by Debbie), she’s pinning blue & white ADPi ribbons to my slip. This is a tradition we started…well, I’m not really sure when it started, but whenever one of us gets married, we make sure the bride and all of the sorority sisters in attendance get ribbons. (I think Jen from Cleveland provided the ribbons. Thanks, Jen!)

Basically, over the past several months, Jen has been the one to help me keep sane–particularly in the last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding!

She also took on some more traditional maid-of-honor duties, like throwing me a bachelorette party (which I know I still need to blog the details of!):

The girls by All Things Jennifer.
(photo from Jen’s camera, taken by a stranger at Cozumel)

And organizing the awesome “virtual shower.”

Jen gets pinned by Inkygirl.

Here, my friend Vicki helps Jen pin on her corsage.

Me & Erin by All Things Jennifer.
(photo from Jen, probably taken by Mark)

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for Jen’s friendship…and for everything that she’s done for me, both over this past year, and since we first met all those years ago as college freshmen. I hope that I can return the favor. 😉

) by All Things Jennifer.

Here, Mark caught us hugging and singing the end of American Pie–another sorority tradition throwback to our college days. I requested the song for karaoke (more on the karaoke to come!) and insisted that it be the last song of the night. It’s one of those sentimental sniffly moments, and I’m so glad this was captured on film!

So, if I hadn’t said it enough…thank you, Jen. I love you dearly.

mejenspringparty by you.

A (ahem) lovely photo of us from sophomore year. Teehee. I have no idea who took this.

*unless otherwise noted, photos by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

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One response to “Allthingsjennifer–the wedding hostess with the mostess!

  1. 🙂

    That picture of us during American Pi makes me cry each time I see it.

    Love y0u.

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