The photographers–Debbie and Walter

Erin & Rand - Reception 069 by Korak.
(Photo of Debbie and Walter by Jeff, Debbie’s husband)

We opted not to hire a professional photographer, for a number of reasons. Rand asked Debbie if she would be our *official* photographer after she took some lovely informal photos of us last year, shortly after we were engaged. We knew she would do a fantastic job. Walter, another friend of ours, has also  been dabbling a bit in photography, so he brought his big fancy camera as well. 😉

Quiet moment at the wedding rehearsal by Inkygirl.

Debbie took the above photo during a quiet moment at the rehearsal. I think it’s stunning–it should be in a magazine or something! Debbie has an artist’s eye. She has a way with composition, with capturing people and moments that I’m not sure can be learned.

Sleepy ringbearer by Inkygirl.
(photo by Debbie)

Our ringbearer, Rand’s nephew, captured yawning during the ceremony. Is this adorable or what?

Jen is good at looking evil by Inkygirl.
(photo by Debbie)

Jen, my dear friend and “wedding hostess” poses for Debbie just before we draw names to sign the marriage license.

Walter stunned us with the sheer volume of photos he took! He had literally hundreds of shots on his camera before the weekend was over, and he’s posted many of them for all to see. This one might be my favorite photo of me ever :

Erin & Rand - Reception 028 by Korak.

It’s currently my facebook profile photo!

He also got a lot of terrific ceremony shots. I like this one of the kiss in particular:

Erin & Rand - Wedding 104 by Korak.

Rand and I could not be happier with the photographs, especially given the circumstances. We planned a private photo session with Debbie immediately after the ceremony. We wanted to do outdoor shots, so outside we went. We tried to get some photos on the back balcony at Pearl Street, but Debbie was getting some weird shadows. Our event coordinator at the venue had suggested the courtyard across the street at the HSBC center, so we headed over there next.

Erin and Rand by Inkygirl.

Debbie managed to snap just a few photos before a mean security guard chased us away. “You can’t take photos here. This is private property.” He even followed us to make sure we left. Gah.

We walked across the street, over to the end of Main Street near the Metro stop, and got some good things there…but then, we felt rain drops. Time to head back to Pearl Street.

Here we are, running from the rain:

Running from the rain by Inkygirl.

Total time Debbie spent photographing us outside: 12 minutes. 12 MINUTES! Can you believe she did all that in 12 minutes?

When we got back inside, we of course got swept into talking and greeting and socializing, so we didn’t really do much posed stuff. There wasn’t much that I wanted, but I do wish we’d taken a group photo with my cousin and Rand’s nephews (our wedding party), and photos with our families. It just all went by so fast!

I don’t regret even a second of it, though. We have stunning photos, and we had a wonderful time.

Thank you again, Debbie and Walter!

Debbie’s flickr photostream. And her wedding photo set.

Walter’s flickr photostream. And his wedding set. Also, reception part I and reception part II.

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4 responses to “The photographers–Debbie and Walter

  1. The pictures are beyond amazing. Debbie and Walter, KUDOS! Such an eye indeed. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful the shots were outside in just 12 minutes. Amazing!

    You are truly blessed to have such talented peeps in your circle.

  2. Oopsy…accidentally deleted this comment from

    It is very nice shots for a wedding that is very elegant and glamorous and the photographers has great job for making it that great, for the wedding that memorable for the couple. Thanks for sharing it with us we loved to see it often.

  3. Your photos are lovely! They really did a great job capturing the day– I get a great sense of the feel of your wedding day from these photos. Lucky to have such talented friends!

  4. Thank you, Nicole. We are incredibly lucky. 🙂

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