Adam English, caricature artist extraordinaire!

(photo by Walter)

Adam English is Rand’s musical partner in Ookla the Mok, as well as being a fantastic artist. Adam agreed to help make our wedding day unique by drawing caricatures for our guests.

Adam works at Darien Lake, managing the art vendors. He also does quite a bit of other caricature work around Western New York, including regular gigs at places like Duff’s in Orchard Park (or is it West Seneca? I’m never quite sure…)

Friday night, during our rehearsal, Adam made use of the large blackboard that was hanging out in the banquet room:

(photo by Debbie Ridpath Ohi)

Rand’s nephew, something of a budding young artist, watched Adam intently.

Here’s the finished product:

(also by Debbie)

We told Adam to draw during cocktail hour, stop for dinner, and then return to drawing only if he wanted to.

Well, demand for caricatures was so high that Adam just kept right on drawing! We tried to persuade him to stop and eat, but he didn’t…so when I was done eating, I made him a plate and brought it over to him. I saw Rand feeding him bites as he drew.

(this one’s by Debbie too!)

People seemed to be very happy with their caricatures. One of my cousins, who got married the following weekend, brought hers to show the family and friends at her day-after picnic. (I heard this from my parents…as we, of course, were honeymooning in Vermont and had to miss the wedding!)

(photo by Walter)

We cannot thank Adam enough for his time and talent. He certainly helped make our wedding interesting and fun for everyone!

(this photo came from my friends Jen and Tim)

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3 responses to “Adam English, caricature artist extraordinaire!

  1. I LOVE that picture of David and Evan. It so captures them both! We had a fantastic time at the wedding! Sorry we didn’t see you until the firedrill at 3 AM!

  2. Richard Hilton

    did Adam ever live in San Francisco?

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