Super quick update

Oh, wow.

I am buried. Totally buried. Here’s a quick update on weddingstuff…

We had our final meeting with the venue this evening to go over details/counts/seating/etc. Everything went fine. For some reason, people keep telling me/us how organized we are. So how come I feel so crazy? 😉

Things are under control. We finished our seating arrangement/table assignments last night. Since our wedding and reception are in the same place, we didn’t do table cards…instead, we made labels to attach to our programs. People will pick up their programs when they arrive, and find their seats for the ceremony. Woohoo.

Programs, centerpieces, guestbook, toasting glasses, and various other items are safely waiting at the venue.

I had a last minute panic because one of the Polaroid cameras we had secured for our Polaroid guestbook didn’t work. FAIL! Fortunately, I found someone locally selling one on Craigslist, and was able to meet up with her on Monday to pick it up. $20, and it works fine. All is well! I just have to remember to remind my brother to bring the other one.

I didn’t think I was going to do welcome bags for our hotel guests, (because hello? Out of time.) but my mom thinks we should, so I am crafting bags, and mom and dad are stopping at Sam’s Club to buy goodies on Friday.

I’m feeling better about my haircut these past couple of days, so that’s a relief.

I still have a whole bunch of lists…lists of things left to do, of things we need to bring with us, etc. etc.

People keep asking me if I’m nervous, and I’m not at all nervous. What I am is a big ball of stress. I’m not nearly as bad as I was last week, but still…I’m trying to alleviate the stress as much as I possibly can. I laid awake in bed last night making lists in my head, and I’m still afraid I’m going to forget something.

Cake and flowers are paid for, and will be delivered to the proper places, so that’s all taken care of. I still have a couple of gifts that I need to pick up for people, but otherwise, I’m all good there.

Yesterday, my friend Jen gifted us with a virtual shower. Basically, she contacted friends and family who responded with well wishes, virtual gifts, cartoons, photos, and basically lots of fun stuff. Do check it out!

I ended up ordering a second pair of shoes, because I’m worried that my original shoes will be too hot. However, I procrastinated too long, and I’m not sure they will arrive on time. Meh.

And guess what? I’m getting married in THREE DAYS. Wheeeeeeeee!

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5 responses to “Super quick update

  1. You need some wine punch. WINE PUNCH MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. Just take that bottle I gave you. Add some fruit. whatever fruit you have in the house will do (just not plastic fruit) and pour lots of orange vodka in the punch. Add ice and a giant glass. WATCH STRESS FLOAT AWAY!

  2. You mean a Polaroid like it spits out a photo right then & there? B/c we have one. Should we bring it in case one fails?

    And how many pairs of shoes do you have?! LOL 😉

  3. Yea! 3 little days til the wedding!

  4. Hooray for you guys!!!!!!!

  5. I will be interested to hear about your polaroid photobooth. We are planning on doing this and costs seem to be adding up. We wanted to do polaroids as favors too (like, they’d leave one for us and take one to bring home), but as the price of film goes up I’m not sure we can swing this.

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