27 things I love about Rand, #16


He’s a big nerd.

This is a guy who writes songs about Star Trek. He goes to his friendly neighborhood comic book store every week to buy his comics. He goes to filk conventions (and takes me with him). I love it…I think it’s adorable, and I appreciate all of the cool comics/graphic novels/music/people I’ve come into contact with because of it!

Here’s a YouTube video someone created to “Super Skrull,” Ookla’s song about the Fantastic Four’s greatest nemesis. Enjoy!


3 responses to “27 things I love about Rand, #16

  1. Have you seen Trekkies?

    “Have you ever heard of Filking?”
    “Mere mortals you be, the truth you can’t see, you think you have right but….. but….”

    Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, it sounds like you should rent it!

  2. in the spirit of my own nerdiness, i feel compelled to point out that clearly dr. doom is the fantastic four’s greatest nemesis.

  3. Noted. 😉

    In my defense, I believe that was the way Super Skrull was described in the description for the video I posted.

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