27 things I love about Rand, #19

He loves to share media.

I had a birthday not long after we started dating. He bought me several things, including a book that was on my Amazon wish list, a CD by one of his favorite bands, and a graphic novel he thought I would enjoy. And you know what? He was absolutely right. I did.

Rand’s shared a lot of his favorite media with me…bands, movies, books, etc. A lot of my favorite music to listen to is stuff that I wouldn’t have known about if it hadn’t been for him. But it goes the other way, too. I brought some Carbon Leaf into his world, as well as many of my favorite shows like The West Wing, Sports Night, Scrubs, Lost, Arrested Development, and others still waiting to be shared.

I also love that we both get so much enjoyment out of sharing these things together. We both agree that TV and movies aren’t nearly as much fun without the other!


One response to “27 things I love about Rand, #19

  1. I like this post, partly because I can relate to it so much. Mr. BuffaloJenn and I do the same thing — we have introduced each other to some great music, TV shows, and books. It’s such a fun thing to introduce him to an author I’ve loved for years or to watch a show that he loves. We’ve been together for about 18 years (married a little less than that) but we’re still introducing each other to books, movies, music, etc.

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