30 days…


My counter here says 28, but both WeddingChannel and my facebook counter say 30. At any rate, one month from today, we’ll be getting married! I can hardly believe it.

I still have lots to do, of course. So what am I doing with my free evening? Blogging.

Thanks to everyone who commented about the makeup. Once I looked at the pictures, I decided I liked it so much that I made an appointment with the woman at the Clinique counter to do it on the day of the wedding, rather than spend a bunch of time and money trying to re-create it. Yay!

I especially liked this comment, which I received at flickr:

DaveHuth says:
Wow! Is this gonna be a wedding or a coronation?! Use this one to model your postage stamp after you ascend to the throne 🙂


(Dave is an old friend of Rand’s)


One response to “30 days…

  1. congratulations on being a month out! i found you via that bride and have added you to my reader so i can follow along on your last few weeks!

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