Makeup and hair

On Saturday, my lovely headpiece from etsy seller mlrstudio arrived. She custom designed it for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

Today, I was wandering around the mall, and I decided to stop by the Clinique counter to talk about makeup. I’ve always loved Clinique’s skincare line, so I thought I’d give the makeup a shot. The girl at the counter ended up doing  me all up fancy. I took some photos when I got home, and I suppose this is the one that best demonstrates the makeup:

I told her I wanted a natural look. This is basically all bronzes and golds. She suggested I stop in another time to see some other colors before I make a decision. The lip gloss she put on me was a bit sticky, but it does have a lovely shimmer.

Here’s me wearing my new headpiece and earrings, taken at a more reasonable distance from the camera:

reasonable distance

My cousin Nikki, who lives in Syracuse and is a hairstylist, is going to do my hair. I still have no idea *what* she’s going to do with it. 😉

I left the Clinique counter with some foundation and concealer (I do have those dark circles under my eyes, which are WAY less noticeable when I’m wearing glasses…). I don’t know yet what else I’m going to get. I probably will go back to try some other colors.

So, what do you think of the makeup?

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4 responses to “Makeup and hair

  1. It’s so dainty! Very nice.

  2. Love the make up, esp that bright color on your browbone 🙂

  3. Thumbs up re: both. (The makeup is very natural and elegant.)

  4. OOOOoooo! Congratulations! That is beautiful Pc.!!! Bronze and gold colors will look fab. on you!

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