Things have been pretty busy for me lately…but I finally have a tiny bit of time to talk about the shower. I don’t have a whole lot of photos–only some that my mom took with my camera while we were opening gifts–but I’m hoping to get some copies of the ones that both our parents took.

The shower was a couples shower held at the Eagle House in Williamsville. It was a fairly small gathering–Rand’s aunts, uncles and cousins (that could make it) on his dad’s side, both our parents, and us.

We arrived at around 12:30 and mingled for a bit before sitting down to eat. I had the beef on weck, which was very tasty. The other options were chicken salad (which I hear was quite good, if you like chicken salad) and a pasta dish. Everyone seemed to be happy with the food. For dessert, we had french silk pie. Yum!

And then, to the presents…

I always knew I would feel weird about sitting in front of everyone opening gifts. I was SO happy to have Rand there next to me!


I think this one is from Rand’s brother Tim (or Timmy, as he likes to be called). It was a microwave rice/pasta cooker, as well as another package which was a Rachael Ray frying pan we wanted.


Here’s Rand holding up our dishes. His parents got them for us. Yay for new dishes! Boo to devil’s spawn redeye.


This one is pretty dark, but something was apparently very funny. Wish I could remember what. 😉

paper towel holder

Rand’s cousin got is this cool paper towel holder from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I have taken a few photos of some of the other things we got, but I have not uploaded them yet. My parents gave us our shower curtain and hooks. We also got a knife set, several pans, a really nice, soft throw, a set of stoneware baking dishes, a small crock pot, a bread box, a kitchen utensil set, napkins and napkin rings, and I’m sure some other things that I’m forgetting. 😉

I’m waiting for some of those other pics so can show you my outfit!

Shower #2 is coming up this weekend in PA. I really hope the stuff will fit in the car…



One response to “Showered!

  1. It was great to see you both last weekend! We are looking forward to the wedding in July!

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