Under two months to go

Invitations have been mailed (and e-mailed). RSVPs are already starting to trickle in, since most people are able to do them online. How exciting! I still have a handful of straggler invitations that need to be sent as well…

We’ll be going over to town hall soon (probably next week) to get our marriage license.

It’s not 100% *wedding* related, but we’ll be moving into our new place next week!

We have the *couples shower* his aunts are throwing for us this Saturday. I have another shower the following weekend.

Here’s what I’m wearing this Saturday:

I have a little ivory-colored sweater to wear over it, because it’s likely to be a bit chilly.

(I’ve become dress girl this season. I can’t stop buying cute little dresses…fortunately, I’m a pretty good bargain shopper! coupons are my friends.)

What’s still left to do? Unfortunately, a lot of what was on my last update! We still have to work on our playlists, finalize our ceremony, meet with our banquet manager, etc. and so forth.

I keep remembering little details that I’m going to need to take care of…like getting ribbon for the cake!

Once my grades for the semester are in (will be done by tomorrow evening), and we’re past the move (next week), I think my brain will be able to focus a little bit more on all these details!

I can’t believe how fast it’s coming…


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