What I’ve been up to

Yeah, things have been a little busy here. We’re getting ready to move (ack!) later this month into a place of our very own! That’s exciting, but also a tiny bit crazy making, with the timing and all!

My mom found a dress:

It’s from David’s Bridal, and it’s going to be in the color pictured.

I looked around for some dresses for my cousin, and I found this one (also at David’s Bridal):

(That would be the one on the little girl)

Since she’s the only female attendant, I’m letting her and my aunt choose. I sent a bunch of dresses I found that I would be fine with, but that’s the one I think will probably work best.

This weekend, I’ve been busy working on invitations. I did accomplish a lot, so I’m happy about that. I want to get them out within the next week, and that looks like it will be do-able. Our website is almost ready to go as well, so I’ve been trying to verify email addresses.

Counter says 69 days. In 9 days, we can apply for our license!

That’ll do for me…more things to do!


2 responses to “What I’ve been up to

  1. The dresses are very nice. Your mom’s is very elegant and the color is beautiful.

    Good luck with your move!

  2. I saw a mom with that same dress at David’s over the weekend. She looked wonderful in it. We kept complimenting her. Great choice! Your mom will look wonderful in it!

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