This is the centerpiece idea my mom and I found at Save On Crafts. (The how-to page is here)

We’re talking about putting one of these in the center of each table, with a mirror tile underneath. We found some pretty pastel vellum online to make the shades out of, and my mom’s scrapbooky friend has all the fancy scissors and hole punches you could ever want or need. đŸ˜‰ Mom’s also talking about getting some sheer ribbon in a coordinating color to tie around the stems.

The site suggests placing foil-wrapped candies on the mirror tiles, but I can’t find any foil-wrapped candies for a reasonable price. (if only you could order Hershey’s kisses in specific colors, but alas…) I’m thinking some pretty metallic confetti would do.

I like it. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be terribly time-consuming. What do you think? đŸ™‚

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9 responses to “Centerpieces

  1. They’re great! I don’t think you *need* the mirror tiles. I think if you did something metallic/shimmery (like the confetti or whatever) underneath, you would be fine.

  2. I absolutely agree about the tiles, which is what I was popping over to say. I think they would look very 80s whereas the lamp in the photo looks clean, lovely and modern. Plus, like you’ve said, what’re you going to do w/ all those tiles afterward? Heck, put some greenery or ribbons around the bottom if you need something.

    It’s good editing advice: when in doubt, cut.

  3. Oooh — I love the greenery idea around the bottom! Simple, elegant, and natural.

  4. Or pieces of mylar….like balloons are made of. I think you could get different colors, it would reflect, and no tiles to get rid of.

  5. These are all great ideas everyone…thanks!

  6. I am apparently in the minority but I thought putting mirror tiles underneath would create such a pretty glow throughout the room, reflecting the light all over the place. I do think that something should be put on top of them or else it will look funny by itself.

  7. I also think the mirror tiles would be lovely, because of the venue…Pearl Street is wonderful and cozy and warm and wood and on the darkish side, the reflection would be really beautiful.

    A small size like this would work to keep it elegant and classic.

  8. That’s a reasonable price, too. I think my mom was thinking larger…

  9. I bought super large ones from Ikea in packages of 4 for $9.99. I own 8…in case you wanted to buy a few more…I could chip in mine (I will use them for wall decorations eventually.)

    A larger mirror will need something else like candy (they have bulk foil wrapped hard candy at Wegman’s in the Brach’s section, pinks/silvers/gold, I use them for work all the time) or greenery (which I love) or even confettis. The smaller ones I mentioned above would JUST fit the lamps from the look of the picture and provide just a little bit of reflection.

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