100 days!

Yes, after today, we will be in (gasp!) double digits. So how about a quick little report?
As far as things being checked off of lists, I’m working on invitations. We went and ordered Rand’s tux (and are a little bit nervous about not getting any kind of receipt or, well, anything in written form at all. No deposit…pay in full when tux is picked up. Is this normal?).

I sent the contract for our flowers yesterday.

I’ve been working on registry stuff. Last night, Jen sent me a link to a site called MyRegistry – you can register for items at *any* store. Pretty cool, right? I started one, but obviously, we have to do some more work on it!

I’m also working on centerpieces. Interestingly enough, the site that my mom and I found was the same one mentioned here in the comments, Save On Crafts. Sadly, I can’t show them to you right now, because the site is blocked. 😛 At any rate, I bought a bunch of glassware at Dollar Tree (I had to visit three different stores to get enough!), and I’m on the hunt for mirror tiles and finding that they cost more than I really want to spend. I wish you could rent them, because really…what am I going to do with 25 *mirror tiles* after the wedding??

Yesterday, I went and visited Barbara Oliver, the jeweler recommended by Nicole, and she’s going to make me a pair of fabulous earrings. I don’t know exactly how much they’re going to be, because they’re gold and the price of gold varies from day to day. I had thought about going to a crafty-beading place, or having someone on etsy make them, but then thought better of it. I cannot put cheap metal in my ears, even if it says “hypo-allergenic.” My ears get irritated really easily, and the last thing I want is red, itchy, inflamed ears.

Ummm…that’s all I can think of right now…I’ll be back to talk about the centerpieces when I can!


4 responses to “100 days!

  1. Donate mirror titles to the place I work 🙂 Cause I will need them!!! Glad the registry site seems to be a good fit!

  2. Check craigslist. Brides are always selling those mirrored tiles!

  3. Maybe your reception site would have mirror tiles you could rent or be able to refer you to a business that rents them. (How about a party rental place?)

  4. Yay! So glad you chose to go with Barbara. I called her and told her that I had sent you there. She was flattered that someone had mentioned her on their blog! Even though the price of gold fluctuates from day to day, you can always count on a fair price from Barbara. That and her style are why my husband and I keep going back!

    About the tux’s, same here, since we went with Marty’s. My husband says that there were no problems other than there being something icky on my brother’s tux, but Marty gladly switched out the ick for the clean. 🙂

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