After wondering what I would do about the invitations and pondering having them printed (I even went to a shop to get a quote), I think I can totally do them myself.

If you are my friend on flickr, you can click here or here to see the photo of the one I did. I printed from Powerpoint onto a sheet of vellum, trimmed it with fancy scissors, punched holes in the top of the vellum and cardstock, tied a pretty little bow, and voila! (I might do a colored bow, not sure…) I think I cut the vellum a wee bit too narrow, but otherwise, I love the way they look!

If you are not my friend on flickr and would like to be, just ask. Also, I’ll post a photo in a protected post–just ask me for the password. (I’m still trying to pretend I have privacy…)

I also wandered in to party city and found these on clearance for $5 each. I’m not sure I like the roses, but I figure they can probably be removed if I decide I don’t want them. They are more or less in my colors, though!

candle and pillow


2 responses to “Invitation!

  1. Julie Teprovich (Ciemcioch)

    I would love to see the invitations.

  2. I would as well!

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