I’ve been playing around with the invitation design. Of course, I have mentioned that our awesome friend Thomas is making us a website that will serve as the invitation for most of our guests. However, we do need to have a “hard copy” for some people. Here’s what I’ve come up with.


I started out playing with fancier fonts, but I think these send the “fun and contemporary” message I’d like to send. What do you think?

Originally, these were just going to be printed with an invitation kit my mom got…The invitations themselves are ivory cardstock with a satiny border. I ran into some trouble, however, getting them to print the correct size. I’m thinking I might have to bring the design and the paper to a printing shop and have them printed…and my mom should be able to print the RSVP cards without a problem.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’ll gladly hear them!

The totally adorable drawing of us is by none other than Debbie Ridpath Ohi, who is one of those people who is so incredibly talented you just want to strangle her in her sleep. 😉 (Debbie also took all the photos of us that appear in my header, which you can view in all their glory here.)

Hmmm…I had more to say, but this has taken me longer than I planned! I’ll save the other things for other posts on other days, I suppose! Remember, contact me if you want the password for the dress post!


4 responses to “Invitations

  1. I love it. I’m looking at fonts for the envelope. Yes, I’m so printing mine. I love the more contemporary stuff. Not the stiff boring ones!

  2. What a great idea! So unique! And the pictures are perfect! I like the font as well…it says “FUN!” I would also love to see you in your dress…if you wouldn’t mind sharing the password. BTW, have you found a jeweler yet?

  3. I love the invites – you got it exactly right, contemporary and fun – and I’d love to see the dress photos for sure!

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