Quick update and a couple of questions…

The good news about fitting #1: I don’t need to stop eating.

Seriously. A coworker had me all freaked out last week because she was talking about how when she went for her fitting (the seamstress was the wife of another coworker), her dress was too small and there wasn’t any room to let it out.

“So what am I going to do?” the coworker asked.

“Stop eating,” the seamstress replied.

Yeah. So I’ve been panicking about not fitting in my dress for a good week. But all is well.

I do have a few photos, which I uploaded to my server but can’t access right at the moment. I’ll put some up later. I love my dress. I’m also going to be wearing my grandmother’s veil. My mom had it steamed, and it looks great. Mom’s going to do some fiddling with it (take it off the hoopy-thing it’s on and attach it to a comb or something, and add some sparkle), and I think it will look great.

Here’s question #1…anyone have a good source for headpieces (I’m talking tiaras and headbands)? I tried a couple that I liked at the bridal shop, but I’m suffering from a bit of sticker shock. I don’t know if I can justify over $100 for a sparkly thing to stick in my hair.

I found this one on ebay. Thoughts?

Mom and I also found a centerpiece idea, which I will also post later. Which brings me to question #2…anyone know a good source for mirror tiles?

Okay, that’s it for now. Look for updates later on!


3 responses to “Quick update and a couple of questions…

  1. Try Claire’s or Icing. I found lots of nice looking headbands there.

  2. My hair stuff was two pearl-laden bobby pins that cost about what your eBay find did. I like it. Think also of mother of pearl, glass or color 😉 I’d look at etsy as well 😉

  3. the best centerpiece/decor/etc site i’ve found is http://www.save-on-crafts.com/
    there are tons of great deals on here.

    check out their mirror tiles here:
    http://www.save-on-crafts.com/mirrors5.html ($3.74 each)

    can’t wait to see the dress photos!

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