More update-y goodness (with photos!)

This is Rand’s ring:


The inscription on the ring is “That, for Me, is You” (the title of our first dance song). Awww…

Also, we went to the local tux shop yesterday. Rand had his eye on this jacket:


Which has neither a collar nor lapels. I wasn’t sure at first, but after seeing it on him, I think I may be coming around. Tuxedos are weird…it’s kind of hard to shake the image of a limo driver or maitre’d. What do you guys think?

Here’s another photo of the same jacket:


I really liked the shop, which is Marty’s Formal Wear in Williamsville. Reasonable prices, reasonable pickup and return policies, and he owns everything. No ordering. Pretty cool.

And oh! My *pink* shoes arrived today. I think they’re adorable…and in the half hour I had them on, pretty comfy too. Very soft, with excellent arch support.


I am totally loving this bouquet, which I found browsing (aside–am I the only person who finds the site incredibly irritating? I’m not talking about the people on the site, or the content of the site…I’m talking about the site itself. It just seems like it’s constantly bogged down, and it takes forever to do the simplest things. Blech.)


I forwarded the photo to my florist, along with the color scheme I have in mind, to see what we can do…

According to my little counter thingy, I have 129 days until the wedding. Gulp!


9 responses to “More update-y goodness (with photos!)

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about the mandarin collar on the suit jacket. Will he wear a regular button up shirt with it?
    I like the knot, but the site really isn’t user friendly. It takes way too long to look at pictures. I prefer using google to search their site for what I want.

  2. Love jacket. Love bouquet. Could eat shoes w/ a spoon.

  3. The jacket is unique but I do like it – as tux jackets go it’s probably more dependent than most on the accompanying shirt/vest. Found four images of it online:

    They’re all traditional (vest, tie, collar shirt) – what’s Rand thinking about doing re: shirt, tie, etc.?

  4. I read your blog all of the time…I just read your wedding blog and noticed that you chose the same florist I did. Not only were their prices reasonable, but their flowers are exceptionally beautiful and everything they do is simply perfect. I chose them because I held one of their unique bouqets at the best of the best bridal show at samuel’s and instantly was overcome with emotion. Great choice!

  5. Meant to mention that I too chose Marty’s…reasonable and dependable, especially since on the day of the wedding, there were a couple of clothing “issues” and since we got married at the Village Meeting House right down the street from Marty’s, the problems were solved the day of the wedding (though I am sure if we had not been so close, they would have been solved as well)! Phew!

  6. The shoes look beautiful and I love the bouquet!

    I agree with the comments/questions re: what kind of shirt/tie Rand’ll wear with the jacket; I think the look will depend on that.

  7. I like the jacket – it’s rather stylish. And if Rand is comfortable in it, then that should be the one.

    The shoes are adorable – and love the color. I wore pink shoes with my dress, which was ivory. I have one pic where i am lifting my dress to show the shoes and everytime i show the pics, someone always squeals, “you wore pink shoes! I love it!” 🙂

  8. Adorable little pink shoes. Can’ wait to see how the bouquet translates.

  9. Thanks! 🙂

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