Planning update

We’ve been up to a lot in the past couple of weeks, so I thought a little update might be in order.


We bought Rand’s ring. We ordered it from, and what Rand wanted (yellow gold, comfort fit) was nearly half the price jewelry stores were asking. It arrived quickly via fed ex, and there were no problems with it whatsoever. Hurrah! I have a photo, which I will post later.


I’m bucking tradition, but I am SO excited about what we’re doing with the invitations.

Our friend Thomas is going to design a web page for us. The main page will be our “invitation,” and the other information that would be inserted into a traditional invitation will be pages branching out from that main page. Our friend Debbie did an illustration of us that we’re going to use.

Of course, for those members of our family who are not so tech-savvy, we’ll be sending a regular invitation. My mom found a kit yesterday at Michael’s, and we’re going to try and incorporate Debbie’s design.


We spent some time talking about our ceremony…what it’s going to look like, what’s going to be read and who will read. We also decided that we’re going to have a unity candle, with some possible slight changes to the traditional unity candle ceremony. Our friend Ron, a very talented classical guitarist, is going to provide the music. (We haven’t made any specific decisions about processional/recessional music yet).


We spent some time over the weekend talking about where to register and what for. We still have some work to do here!


The after-dinner portion of our reception will be approximately three hours long. We’re thinking about devoting the last hour of the reception to karaoke…my cousin has a karaoke machine that we think we can hook up. Thoughts?

I know there are other things left to do, but things seem to be moving along well. We’re just a bit over four months out–I can’t wait! 🙂


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