Oh, yes I did…

I poked around one of the sites that BuffaloJenn linked in her comment to my previous post and I found another shoe I like.

It’s this:

My colors are going to be rose/mauve. I love this pink one. It’s on sale. (My mom liked the darker color, aubergine, but that one is NOT on sale.)

This shoe has gotten rave reviews from those who have worn it.

So…I don’t know. I must be stopped, though. I’m burning up way too much of my time looking at shoes. Pretty soon my FH is going to kill me in my sleep. 😉

My dress arrived at the bridal shop today. As you may recall, I ordered it from a shop near my hometown in PA. I was there over the weekend, so of course it had to come today and not, oh, three days ago. 😛

That is all.


4 responses to “Oh, yes I did…

  1. Ohhhh! I got a pair of Sofft’s for Christmas, but the style rubbed my feet the wrong way. I really really want those right now. Those are so beautiful!

  2. I have a couple of pairs of Sofft’s sandals. They are very comfy. Those are too cute!

  3. They’re so pretty!

  4. I’m chiming in with the rest…I love them!

    And I bought a pair of the Sketchers (in black) that you were considering as well.

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