Junk mail

plastic surgery for your wedding!

When I first got engaged, I made the fatal error of registering online for a bridal show. I entered my address and phone number. Mistake!

Very quickly, I found myself inundated with phone calls and junk mail. I ignored the phone calls. I threw away most of the junk mail. This one, though, I saved long enough to photograph it. This one warranted a blog post.

It’s an advertisement for plastic surgery. Now, I’m guessing that for brides, they’re trying to drag people in for chemical peels and perhaps botox…but even at that, ew. It just feeds into our beauty-and-youth-obsessed culture. “It’s your wedding, you want to look beautiful, right?” Because I couldn’t possibly be beautiful without some sort of chemical enhancement.


Does anyone else find this kind of thing offensive, or is it just me?


4 responses to “Junk mail

  1. Wow! I knew the marketing and advertisement industry could go to great lengths to sell you the utopic “perfect day”, but this…this is just outrageous!

  2. I know a girl that had breast implants for her wedding. She was always self conscience about the size of her breasts. She couldn’t imagine getting married without larger tatas. There are people out there willing to do a lot to have the perfect day.

  3. I made the same mistake (registering online for a bridal show), and I’ve received similar things in the mail. It’s kind of hilarious, but mostly annoying and offensive.

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