My ring!!!

my ring!

Again, both rings were purchased from Sarah’s Vintage and Estate Jewelry. I could not be happier with both the service and the products we received there. If we’d found a suitable ring for Rand, I’m sure we would have bought his there as well.

Today was the first time I was able to try on the ring…on my ring finger, anyway. It was a teeny bit too small, and so it had to be sized.

Now, it’s back in the box, where I’ve promised to leave it until the wedding. 😉

I was reminded by a story one of my friends told when she was planning her wedding…she used to secretly take the ring out and wear it when her FH wasn’t around! Now that I’m in that place, I can completely understand.

How about you guys? How did you feel when you picked out your ring? Were you tempted to wear it before the big day?


8 responses to “My ring!!!

  1. beautiful ring!!



  2. hey erin- i came across your blog and flickr stream when looking for photos of my dress (i commented on a photo of you trying on the MS eleganza).

    we have a number of things in common- between similar tastes in dress, antique rings, large families– it’s been fun reading your account of planning! just wanted to say hi 🙂


  3. p.s. LOVE both your rings! were they a set? if not, they certainly look like they were made for each other.

  4. I tried on my ring in June, we were married in August. Since Niels & I were apart for most of the summer it was easy not to be able to sneak trying it on, because the ring with with him in Wheeling.

  5. Thanks, Nicole…they weren’t actually a set, but I do love how well they fit together! 🙂

  6. They look great!

  7. Julie Teprovich (Ciemcioch)

    I bought the ring4 months before our wedding and every time I was feeling down from something in my life or overwhelmed by the wedding plans, I snuck into our bedroom aand tried on my wedding band with my engagement ring. In a matter of seconds, smile!! It hasn’t stopped now almost two years later.

  8. Julie, that’s so sweet! 🙂

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