Planning update

Every once in a while, I think about all the things that still have to be done. While it’s not insignificant, I don’t feel overwhelmed or panicky about anything. Here’s the update:


Rand and I looked at rings a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t purchased anything yet, but right now, we’re thinking just plain gold bands. I did look at one with small channel-set diamonds (I think it was actually an “anniversary band”), but I don’t think it was “me.” It’s funny how society seems to want to pressure you into wanting bling.


We’re looking at having a “decorate your own cupcake bar.” It’s been cleared with the venue. The only thing left to figure out is how to keep cupcakes fresh for a day or two before the wedding. Any suggestions welcome. (Hilary? I’d like to avoid freezing if possible.)

We will be getting a small “wedding cake” for us to cut, but we haven’t quite worked out all the details there yet.

We’re trying to clean up my mom and dad’s cake knife to use…it’s a little tarnished. If that doesn’t work out, two of my aunts have them also.


My aunt has a string of pearls that were my grandma’s. I’m probably going to wear them, assuming that they match the dress. I’ll have to find earrings that go with them.

As soon as the dress comes in, I’ll be able to see if the shoes I bought will work, and if not, I’ll have to set off on finding something else. That should happen within the month. Also, we’re going to see if I can wear my cousin’s slip with it. We’re about the same height.


Still no idea. I have an appointment with a new stylist, recommended to me by a coworker. She has really cute short hair, so I feel good about that.


I’ve got nothing here. I’m not going to need a ton of flowers, but I will need *some* flowers. I will happily take recommendations.


I want to keep this simple. I’m thinking something like this:


I may add some color, but that’s the basic idea.

Other little things are coming along. One of my aunts bought us some gorgeous crystal toasting glasses for Christmas. (I didn’t think to take a photo of them, and I left them with my mom for safekeeping). Mom’s got her friend on the lookout for a scrapbook we can use for our guestbook. Major things we need to deal with right now are probably flowers and cake. Not too bad, right? 🙂


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