Wedding traditions

I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding traditions lately. Everyone seems to have such strong opinions about them, and it can be very difficult to buck tradition. Here are some of the things Rand and I are thinking about doing (and not doing).

The garter/bouquet toss

I stopped being amused by the bouquet toss approximately ten years ago. Plus, there won’t exactly be hordes of single people at the wedding. It’s a dwindling group…the last thing I want to do is humiliate my remaining single friends and family.

Okay, I’ll admit that it was sort of cute when Rand and I caught the respective objects at my brother’s wedding…but still…

The Chicken Dance

Is this really a tradition? Ah well. I must admit that I actually *enjoy* the chicken dance. It stays.

The Dollar Dance

I know that the dollar dance is a regional/cultural tradition, and those who didn’t grow up with it tend to find it appalling. I don’t want to do it, but not because I think it’s tacky…I don’t want to do it because it takes freaking forever. The bigger your wedding, the more people lining up to dance. Augh.

Can anyone tell me why the “girly” shot for the dollar dance is always Peach Schnapps? Blergh.

The Bridal Party

This is the one I think I might take some flak over. Rand and I have discussed this one at length…and we’ve decided not to have a traditional bridal party. Many of our friends and family will be involved in the wedding in important ways, and we’d rather have them doing important things than wearing matching clothes and posing for pictures.

And my friends, the ones I will turn to for advice, the ones who will be holding my hand and keeping me sane through all of this, will be doing that regardless of what they’re wearing.

My cousin Brandy will be my sole “attendant”–in charge of holding my flowers, etc. We’re also going to get Rand’s nephews involved in some way.

The huge, towering cake

Haven’t quite worked out what we’re doing here…but I’m thinking of a small ceremonial cake for Rand and I to cut, and some other (less expensive) option to serve our guests…perhaps sheet cake, or cupcakes made and decorated by family if that’s logistically possible.

The DJ

Already been discussed. No DJ.

I think I’m forgetting some things, but that’s good enough for now, I think. What are your favorite/least favorite wedding traditions?


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