Making plans

The plans are chugging along, so there’s really not much for me to talk about there. The reception is booked, and the deposit has been paid. My dress has been ordered. I ordered these shoes yesterday. (I figure that gives me plenty of time to make sure they’re what I want…plus, I know that I love the shoes, so chances are I’ll wear them regardless.)

Things I haven’t really thought about yet…colors. We’re not doing the full-on “wedding party” thing, instead involving our friends and family in other ways. I love them dearly, but I really don’t see any need to ask them to buy matching dresses. We are going to involve my goddaughter and Rand’s nephews…so Brandy will need a dress, and I need a coordinating color anyway. I’ve considered going with red…or maybe a mauve-y or rose-y color. I dunno…I just want it to look good with the dress. And then there’s flowers. Lots to think about, of course, but I’m not really freaking out. I’m just kind of taking it as it comes.

I got to thinking about this post, written way back in February 2006, prompting many people to ask if there was news they didn’t know about. No, no news. Just the random meanderings of my brain…recalling the past and musing about the future. I ended that post with this:

I couldn’t care less about being a princess for a day. What I do care about is being his wife…his love…his partner…for a lifetime.

I’m glad to know that now, with the ring on my finger and the plans steadily moving forward, that this hasn’t changed. There was a small amount of freaking out while we were trying to find a place and set a date…but once that was done, I calmed down considerably. And now, every now and then, I look at Rand and think to myself, “We’re getting married.” (Sometimes I even say it out loud…I’m such a dork.)

And I smile.



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