Dress update

Well. Life is just a regular whirlwind of activity here in my world. One of these days, I might get to sleep. 😉

On Saturday, I met up with Jen so she could come with me to see the dress I want. (Yes, folks…Rand has seen pictures of the dress. But he has not seen ME in the dress, so it doesn’t count. I don’t necessarily think pictures of me in the dress would even count, but that’s not important right now…) The photo hardly does this dress justice. We had a pleasant girly lunch, and then headed off to the shop.

Now, we went to a bridal shop that I have so far had excellent experiences with, and I was pretty confident that I was going to order from them. After Saturday, uh, not so much. Pushy annoying saleslady that was all about “closing.” I smiled demurely and said that yes, in fact, I was going to order the next time I came in.

The dress I tried on was a 10, and it was a little big on top. It has a corset back, so it wasn’t visibly big on top from the front. Pushy saleslady took my hip measurement (over my pants, which seemed, uh, weird to me) before we left and told me that it would probably be best to order the 10 and have the top taken in…I didn’t trust her, so today, I stopped by a different shop and said I needed to be measured because I was in an out-of-town wedding. Guess what? My hip measurement was an inch smaller, putting me into the 8 and thus not needing any bodice alterations.

I also asked about other alterations and was told their $199 alteration package includes hem and bustle. That seemed a little unreasonable to me, but I really have no idea.

I called another local bridal shop to try and get a price quote on the dress (I had tried on gowns there before, but they didn’t have this one…) and they refused to give me a quote over the phone. They said I had to come in. I was like “um, no.”

I called the bridal shop in Elk County, and they were SO nice and accommodating. They not only looked up the dress for me, but they told me that they’re having a 10% off sale and calculated the final cost of the dress with tax. Their alterations are priced by the hour, though, so of course I won’t know how much that’s going to be. But really…I think I have to order from them.

I’m a little soured on this whole experience. I hate being treated like I don’t have a brain cell just because I’m a “bride.”

Speaking of…I made the horrible, horrible mistake of registering for some local bridal show online (and giving them my address and phone number) and I’m being buried under constant mailings from wedding vendors. 99% of them are going straight into the recycling bin. Gah. I got a call from the BAC last week, too. *eyeroll*

Oh, and not that I’m going to make any wedding shoe decisions right at the moment, but I’m kind of digging this idea:


Crazy? Eh, maybe, but I’m SO not a heel girl and I’m all about the comfy.


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