Looking for ideas

Particularly from Buffalo/WNY area people.

We still haven’t set a date. We’re currently working on compiling a preliminary guest list so that we can at least have a rough idea of numbers. A small, intimate gathering is clearly out of the picture. 😉

Ideally, we want next spring/summer. Since I have no idea what I’m going to be doing, it’s probably best to try and do it when school won’t be in session. On the other hand, we could always do a postponed honeymoon. Since lots of places are filling up, the exact date is probably going to very much depend on availability.

Here are some of the things we’re looking for:

  • A site where we can have both the ceremony and the reception.
  • A place that has the capacity for a large group
  • Indoors (much of the talking we’ve been doing involves activities that will be best served in an indoor location…plus, there’s the weather. If it’s raining, I want to be inside. If it’s hot and humid, I want air conditioning!)
  • Someplace that isn’t crazy expensive

We’re looking at WNY…this is where we live, and its more centrally-located to the majority of people who would be coming. (many friends and members of both of our families would have to travel…) It doesn’t have to be right IN Buffalo. I’m not opposed to considering PA, but the options are much more limited there.

I’m not imagining a terribly formal affair. What’s most important to us is that our friends and family have a good time. I want the food to be tasty, but it doesn’t have to be fancy-schmancy. I would happily serve beef on weck and wings if I could find a place where I could do that.

I’ve checked out the local forums on sites like the knot and the wedding channel, and they are NO help.

So…if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment or send an email! 🙂

*UPDATE* Pearl Street is looking like it could be a very reasonable option, depending on availability of course. Thanks to Jen, for making me look more closely at it!


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