And the search begins

Oh, let’s face it…the search had already begun when I found that lovely (cheap) dress on eBay. The more I thought about it, the more wary I became of making such a purchase. It’s not that I don’t believe the sellers are on the level. The feedback is overall very positive, but there are lots of whatifs. What if I don’t like it, what if it doesn’t fit what if the fabric/colors are wrong, etc…and then I start writing sad short stories in my head about the twelve-year-old Chinese girls who are sewing the dresses…but I digress.

No, we haven’t set a date yet, but that’s not stopping me from looking at pretty things!

Anyway, I did some homework and identified the dress I’m so enamoured of as a Maggie Sottero Eleganza style.


I haven’t been able to see this one in person, but I did venture out (by myself) yesterday to try on a few dresses. I did see the strapless version of Eleganza:

strapless eleganza

It’s beautiful. Also, it’s discontinued, so its not too crazy expensive. I think I like the off-the-shoulder version better, though.

I also tried on Grace Kelly:


Which is also quite lovely. Very elegant. And heavy… 😉

And finally…a few years ago, when Susan was looking for her gown and bridesmaid’s gowns, I tried on one that I thought was pretty, just for fun. I was in that shop yesterday, and that gown that I tried on? Is in their $99 room. I’m kind of tempted to buy it just because, hello? $99! It could be sold on eBay if need be. Obviously, it’s an older style, so I can’t find a photo of it online.

So yeah, I don’t know. 😀


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